Support, enhance, and expand your SAP Applications for
the long-term success of your business.

Application Managed

Get critical business apps up and running with minimal disruption

Keeping performance and productivity high and costs low for your critical planning applications grows increasingly more complex with the rapid evolution of technology and expectations from users, partners, and clients. It also takes time, know-how, and focused effort –resources that may not be in surplus in most growing businesses.

That’s where we come in. Leveraging our deep technical resources and certified SAP expertise, we can provide all the support you need to keep your applications running smoothly while optimizing performance and keeping your TCO as low as possible.

We are here to support you and your system

Our goal with every implementation is to partner with you through sharing knowledge and building relationships. We believe it is essential for you to become self-sufficient in the product for long-term success.

When we complete your implementation, you and your business team will be fully empowered to own, manage and be proficient in the process and systems we put in place. That being said, application management can be a handful.

Our way of adding value as partners is through our AMS offering. It can be as simple as calling our help desk, or as complex as staff augmentation. We can complete the work when your organization needs additional resources to get the job done.


How we deliver AMS

Support and enhance existing applications​

  • Support hours: 8am-5pm Eastern (working days)
  • Support location: Remote, with onsite support possible
  • Modifications to resolve functional defects
  • Assist in running and updated routines (example: data load, calculations)
  • Participate in testing
  • Knowledge transfer

Helpdesk access to log and review ticket status (we answers within 24 hours)

SAP license usage review

Automatic enrollment in Monthly User Group meeting run by VantagePoint

Why work with VantagePoint?

We support the totality of your solution, not in “fixing” software, but in addressing issues of usability, customization, performance optimization, and functional process.

Our consultants all share access to our Knowledge Base — a library of 25+ years of experience in our space leading practices, troubleshooting, and configuration intelligence. The bottom line: we are here for you!

Fine-tune and create sustained value for your business applications.

Experienced, simple, and rapid support.