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Managing Explosive Growth with BPC 11

Expanding consolidation and reporting capabilities with SAP BPC 11


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Challenges and Opportunities

When growing 16-gold in six years, rapid change is an understatement. Especially when that growth comes through mergers and acquisitions. Multiple charts of accounts, on different financial systems, created their own set of management and reporting issues. The time and effort to manually combine the financials along with the concern of accurately reporting at the corporate level, led Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) to look for new ways to leverage their SAP Investment for consolidations and reporting. They pushed the performance accelerator with BPC.

Case StudyBusiness Modeling

Why SAP and VantagePoint


Making the decision to move from BPC 10.1 to 11.1

With such a robust financial platform in place, ETP wanted to leverage what they already had while staying on top of the latest enhancements provided in BPC 11. The greatest of these enhancements being the improvements in performance by leveraging their HANA platform. The modern interface has improved the experience for their users and provided a new excitement for the ongoing use of the platform.


As ETP has shown, they will continue to find new ways to extract further performance from their SAP investment. Working close with VantagePoint, the next frontier will be leveraging the integration between BPC 11 and Analytics Cloud to provide the enterprise with innovative analytics and reporting capabilities.

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