Enterprise Performance Management: Save Time and Money!

Embarking on an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) project?  Looking for tips on managing scope and cost? Over the course of VantagePoint’s 15+ years and hundreds of EPM projects, there are a handful of key areas that make an enormous difference in the success of a project.  Fortunately, clients control their own destiny when it comes […]

EPI-USE and VantagePoint Merger

“We are extremely excited to join the EPI-USE team. We are a natural fit from a technical, functional and cultural perspective. Both companies have a driving passion for client success. We bring complimentary expertise together to add value to our clients in a larger story for the enterprise. Our goal is to drive efficiencies, effectiveness, […]

Predictive Forecasting Becomes an Achievable Reality

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming As an EPM consulting leader for nearly two decades, I’ve watched with keen interest the growing phenomenon of Predictive Forecasting. To clarify, the term Predictive Forecasting is used to describe the process of generating future expected results based on the predictive analytics […]

How to Make Your Enterprise Planning Strategic in Nature

The fundamental success of your organization requires a solid understand of where you are, where you want to be, and how you get there.  In short, it’s about having a strategic plan that’s aligned with the market, leverages it’s core competencies, and is methodically implemented and monitored. So why are so many companies challenged with […]

The Entity Dimension in BPC

The Entity dimension is one of the most important dimensions in BPC. The SAP ECC has four different objects that can act as Entity like Cost Center, Profit Center, Business Area and Company Code. The planning can happen on any of the above based on company structure and planning requirements. The question is how we […]

Updating Custom Data Manager Packages when Migrating to BPC10X MS

Is your organization migrating from BPC7x MS to BPC10x MS? If so, a smooth migration is all about the details. Many people know to review and update the Reports and Input Schedules as necessary. And, teams remember to migrate and validate the other logic in the models. Migrating, it’s all in the details. What about […]

How SAP Cloud for Planning Augments SAP BPC

You have BPC, and it integrates with your GL. You get updated master data and other data automatically. Life is good. So, why would you consider SAP Cloud for Planning? Because you can integrate your plans between Cloud for Planning and BPC (NW and MS platforms). BPC gives corporate the robust, enterprise planning environment that […]

Achieve Reporting Nirvana with Multiple Hierarchies

Financial organizations from a variety of industries think they are unique according to their reporting requirements. They will say things like, “We need to report according to GAAP, Management, Segment, Geographic Region, Tax, and,” the list goes on. We’ve heard it all. Luckily, these reporting requirements don’t make us bat a lash. With BPC, you […]

Using BPC to Produce a Cash Flow Statement

If you are trying to develop a Cash Flow Statement, data inconsistencies can turn you into a crazy person. Many have tried, all have become frustrated. Push button Cash Flow Statements aren’t always possible in many corporate environments, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Instead of trying to work with the data problem, you […]

Our Work

Sucess Stories

PROCESS MANUFACTURING (Planning & Consolidation)
Business Growth – Needed to define common planning and reporting processes to eliminate region silos and thereby optimize global sales, pricing, transfer pricing, and operations
CONSUMER PRODUCTS GOODS (Planning & Consolidation)
Business Growth – Needed to define a centralized process for planning that incorporated the sales plan with production capabilities to better manage margin.
RETAIL (Planning & Consolidation)
Known for their trend setting ballet flats and forward thinking designs, this retailer is a fashion industry success story. Experiencing incredible success on the runway and in global markets, this company turned to SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) on HANA to provide a scalable financial planning, consolidation and reporting solution.
Upgrading SAP BPC to the HANA platform: Cintas run SAP ERP on HANA and needed to upgrade their SAP BPC 7.5 for financial consolidation and reporting from Microsoft SQL Server to the SAP HANA platform
ENERGY (Business Modeling)
Merger and Acquisition: ETP needed to manage multiple cultures, process, systems, and general ledgers from a series of merges and acquisitions, and generate meaningful budgets and forecast for company reports
Business Growth – expansion of manufacturing sites required enhanced planning, and potential acquisitions would require confidence in consolidation and reporting