Streamline your data and processes to
boost enterprise performance


All your business data in one platform for a quicker monthly close and better insight

It’s no news that companies need to respond quickly to the fast-changing business environments. But the reality is that most of your business data still exist in fragmented systems, which are slow and limited in reporting capabilities. Your business leaders are frustrated, but they shy away from change due to potential cost and business disruption.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You now have the option to import & manage various data sources and automate many admin processes, with efficient and cost-effective SAP solutions.

Consolidation is our bread and butter

Create confidence in your data and business insights

Define a single version
of the truth
Deliver cross-standard
insights with aligned data definitions
Globally apply corporate standards and best practices
Capture a documented
audit trail

Eliminate long hours of aggregating data

Facilitate corporate reorganizations
Incorporate external acquisitions
Allow Finance to administer: Hierarchies, Data loads, Inter-company elimination, Ownership, Journals, FX translation, Security
Provide Disclosure Management capabilities for XBRL mapping

Simplify business processes through
harmonized information

Work from one common enterprise-wide platform
Provide real-time updates and reporting
Deliver flexibility with
self-serve reporting
Take control of version management

Analyze your data and business on a single, integrated, business-centric platform

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Planning and Consolidation (BPC)
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SAP Group Reporting

Consolidate and simplify your data and business processes.

Start with how you manage your business information.