Capitalize on Your Existing SAP Solution and Gain Robust
Analytics and End-user Adaptability.

Embedded and Extended Analytics

Analytics for every application, from one single interface

Imagine the simplicity for your business users to have a single
interface tying all business applications used in the organization together, whether they are SAP’s core ERP offerings, S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Qualtrics or Concur. Then, imagine robust analytics and reporting in that same user interface. Let us go a step further: That same interface is an enterprise-wide solution that gives you a complete view of your business.

That single, integrated solution is called SAP Analytics Cloud.

Extending analytics and reporting capabilities for your business apps

SuccessFactors & SAC

SAC takes workforce planning to a whole new level. HR and Managers can easily pull data together from their core HR application(s) and other data sources. They can create “stories”, or reports, about where costs have been, where they are now, and where they are headed. Taking this a step further, your Finance will have access and input into workforce planning, making the annual plan more relevant and accurate.

Learn more about Extended Planning in
Success Factors

SuccessFactors & SAC


If your data resides in multiple systems, and you are expected to manage the business with limited system integration/connection, SAC is most likely the solution for you. It uses live data feeds from S/4, and can enhance the value of your data by combining it with data from other sources.

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SAP ByDesign & SAC

ByDesign is an amazing tool for small to medium size organizations, but it was never designed to be the planning and analytics tool for your Finance department. That is where SAC can fill the gap. Ask us about our packaged solution for planning and reporting in ByDesign.

Learn more about Extended Planning In bydesign

Concur & SAC

Take control of Expense Management across your enterprise by pairing SAC and Concur. Create advanced insights to evaluate trends, decipher anomalies, and predict future spending.

BusinessObjects (BOBJ) & SAC

BOBJ remains one of the most widely used analytics solutions in the world and will continue to be a powerhouse in the industry. For companies with substantial investments in BOBJ, it makes good business sense to leverage what you have already developed, and combine it with the advancements in SAC. You truly get the best of both worlds.

What are the benefits of Embedded and
Extended Analytics?

Seamless experiences


Using embedded analytics enables seamless analytical experiences for both internal users and customers alike. SAC currently offers remote capabilities, self-service BI, and other UX features.

Sustainable competitive advantages


Customers have come to expect detailed analytics from the businesses they work with. Being able to offer automated insights will grant you a competitive advantage you can sustain.

Faster time-to-insights

Embedded analytics give users faster access to their insights; right on the application they are using. This will help them make in-the-moment informed business decisions.


Increased productivity

By spending less time switching between applications, users will be able to spend more time on their core tasks. Your business will save time and resources, lowering your TCO.


Promote a data-driven culture

The data-centric future is already here. Embedding analytics into your business applications is a step towards embracing the rapidly growing culture of intelligent enterprises.

Start doing more with your data across every business application.

We can help you fully utilize your current investment, and extend its capabilities.

Our Work

Sucess Stories

PROCESS MANUFACTURING (Planning & Consolidation)
Business Growth – Needed to define common planning and reporting processes to eliminate region silos and thereby optimize global sales, pricing, transfer pricing, and operations
CONSUMER PRODUCTS GOODS (Planning & Consolidation)
Business Growth – Needed to define a centralized process for planning that incorporated the sales plan with production capabilities to better manage margin.
RETAIL (Planning & Consolidation)
Known for their trend setting ballet flats and forward thinking designs, this retailer is a fashion industry success story. Experiencing incredible success on the runway and in global markets, this company turned to SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) on HANA to provide a scalable financial planning, consolidation and reporting solution.
Upgrading SAP BPC to the HANA platform: Cintas run SAP ERP on HANA and needed to upgrade their SAP BPC 7.5 for financial consolidation and reporting from Microsoft SQL Server to the SAP HANA platform
ENERGY (Business Modeling)
Merger and Acquisition: ETP needed to manage multiple cultures, process, systems, and general ledgers from a series of merges and acquisitions, and generate meaningful budgets and forecast for company reports
Business Growth – expansion of manufacturing sites required enhanced planning, and potential acquisitions would require confidence in consolidation and reporting