Stay ahead of the curve with predictive forecasting and
insights from your data.

Predictive Analytics

Can your data help you predict the future?

Every organization has to plan for the future. Whether it’s preparing for growth and expansion or safeguarding against possible disruption and crisis, the ability to estimate what’s coming ahead is critical to both surviving and thriving as a business.

It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but SAP Predictive Analytics does a pretty good job at doing precisely that.

Data value through actionable insights

Real-time predictive forecasting can maximize your operation efficiency by combining historical analysis and new trends as they happen. It can help you perform forecasts based on values determined using statistical models, rather than the opinion of the person with the highest title in the room.

In practical terms, predictive forecasting can be enabled by integrating result sets from SAP Predictive Analytics inside the SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Data Intelligence toolsets. Layering on these BI tools adds 360-degree visualizations. You can track and measure results, with the capability to drill down for root cause analysis.

No data scientist required!

SAP’s Predictive Analytics uses data science statistical techniques including multiple regression, factor analysis, and analysis of variance to define both correlations (factors of success), as well as generation of forecast values.

How does SAP Analytics Cloud help your organization?

Faster and more accurate insights

Simplify predictive modeling by automating processes, and transforming both structured and unstructured data into a workable format for faster analysis.

Create competitive advantages

Enable your company’s users at every level to leverage predictive modeling, helping you create competitive advantages across your entire organization.

Advanced data visualization

Visualize your data through advanced dashboards, designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Real-time informed decision-making

SAP Predictive Analytics uses an open interface that helps generate predictive scoring for multiple target systems. You can also embed the results wherever you need them.


Automate predictive model management in a browser-based, single-sign-on environment, so you can get more work done while consistently gaining insight into your organization.

Predict future outcomes without being a data scientist.

We can help you leverage insights from your data.