A single cloud solution for BI and enterprise planning,
enabling you to lead with insight-driven business decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Becoming a
data-centric intelligent enterprise

In our increasingly data-driven business ecosystems, achieving enterprise intelligence has become a primary goal for many organizations. Your customers are expecting high-level service and precision from you, and your competitors are probably improving theirs already. The time to act is now.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise goes beyond implementing technology solutions. It is about how to efficiently collect, store, manage and leverage data for insight. So you can discover your company’s competitive advantages, and make smarter business decisions. The best way to start this process is to connect all your systems and data sources to one platform. And allow each business user to analyze what they need.

Advanced analytics across your entire organization

Simply put, the more accurate your analytics are, the better and more informed your business decisions will be. SAP Analytics Cloud delivers insights on accumulated history, the present situation, and forward-facing trends to all decision-makers, revealing the next steps to adding optimal business value. This solution utilizes business intelligence (BI) – one of the strongest systems available today. You also gain the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and predictive analytics to further enhance your enterprise planning.

Seamless integration with S/4HANA

How does SAP Analytics Cloud help your organization?

Collaborative planning

Plan for the near future while staying in the loop for multiple aspects of your business from a single, integrated platform.

Live data anywhere, anytime

Access your data and leverage real-time insights whenever and wherever you need it, with its seamless integration to SAP S/4HANA and ability to be deployed on Android and iOS devices.

Integration capabilities

Pull data from both SAP and non-SAP data sources, giving you a more complete picture of your organization.

Custom dashboards and visualization

Meet your business users’ unique requirements. Allow them to visualize and report data on their customizable dashboards.

Take one step closer to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Start leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud.