SAP Business Technology Platform

Support your entire IT infrastructure, applications, and data
warehousing from an integrated powerful platform.

Your business innovation calls for a robust infrastructure

The more integrated and consolidated your IT landscape is, the more efficient your organization will be at driving data-to-value. Don’t let disparate systems, storage, and information sources give you an inaccurate view of your enterprise. Unify your systems with the SAP Business Technology Platform. Gain visibility, accelerate planning and boost performance with its robust capabilities.

A unique cloud platform that gives
you everything you need

Imagine a platform that delivers everything you need to achieve agile business planning; a technology that truly supports the idea of Data to Insights to Action:

The SAP Business Technology Platform brings together every piece of the puzzle for an intelligent enterprise:

Improve your business performance without disrupting core operations

SAP Business Technology Platform lets you build, extend, and enhance SAP applications based on business needs

Optimize efficiency and resilience while providing a unified and consistent user experience and automating processes.

Improve engagement and productivity with personalized experiences that meet specific requirements.

Lower operational and maintenance costs by managing the application lifecycle through an enterprise framework and separate customization from the core software code.

Deploy your critical business apps on a robust, reliable cloud platform.

We can help you configure, deploy, and support.