Support Business Decision-making with Intelligent Data Insights.

SAP Data Intelligence

Becoming more efficient at managing your enterprise information

Data is at the core of operational and analytical processes, essential for making the right business decisions. Unfortunately, managing business information is becoming more complex. Your IT department is contented with multiple data sources, types, even environments.

How can your company run with agility and efficiency when your data processing is still slow and cumbersome? It is time to put your enterprise data as a strategic priority.

Mastering the complexity of data

The SAP® Data Intelligence solution helps you maximize data value by connecting and gaining insights from data assets. It helps enabling intelligent processes and supports business decision-making.

You can process data at scale, conduct analysis across different data types, and manage information across hybrid environments. This means you can extract maximum value from disparate data assets. Your diverse team (data engineers and architects, machine learning and data developers, core IT teams, etc.) can also collaborate with centralized access to multiple data sources.

In addition, comprehensive data management capabilities can help you respond with resiliency when economic conditions change by providing operational KPIs to the areas of your business that need them.

How SAP Data Intelligence works

SAP Data Intelligence transform distributed data sprawls into vital data insights, delivering innovation at scale.

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