SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

“Data Warehouse As a Service” built for IT and Business users.

The classic approach to data warehousing with modern technology

It’s no secret that while there’s still much value in on-premise data warehousing, the increasing demand to analyze and utilize big data is causing businesses to revaluate their warehousing systems.

If you are looking for simple, agile, scalable, and cost-effective warehousing solutions, consider SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the next-gen warehousing solution offering powerful data management for real-time business insights.

Connect and collect data

SAP developed Data Warehouse Cloud with one thing in mind: bringing IT and Business together through an end-to-end solution with a single semantic view. Its flexibility and simplicity to use is simply a game-changer. It simplifies data integration from multiple data sources, formats, and structures, providing real-time reporting and access without duplication. And, you only pay for what you need/use.

Integration with SAP
Analytics Cloud

Integrate your Data Warehouse solution seamlessly with SAP Analytics Cloud, providing a fully functional business layer that allows Ad hoc data exploration, powerful visualization, and intelligent automation.

How SAP DataWarehouse Cloud can change your business

Lower your operating costs

Faster Data Processing

Flexibility to Work with Multiple Formats

Scalability to Grow with Your Business

What Makes Data Warehouse Cloud Different?

Spaces are virtual workspaces for users who need data modeling, data integration, and story dashboarding. They can enable self-service modeling and data integration while simplifying and ensuring governance and security with a zone of trust.

Connect data from files and third parties with your organization’s data within a trust zone

Explore, model, analyze, and visualize data for business insights Access core business data for self-service analytics

Share data and results across user groups within the zone of trust

Start storing and leveraging data with a flexible, simple, cloud solution.

We can help you bring your IT and business together.