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Enterprise software is an investment every organization needs to make carefully, and ensure they are getting the most out of what they’re paying for.

When it comes to your critical business technology infrastructure and applications, working with a partner that can add value to your solution is probably the fastest way to see your ROI. From assessment to implementation and support, your Value-Added Reseller is there to make every invested dollar count.


Our Services

VantagePoint is a Value-Added Reseller of SAP software. This allows us to support you through the entire decision process, during, and after the implementation. Engage us to help with sizing, negotiation, business case development, and creating the final pricing structure. We also work closely with SAP to determine if any existing maintenance base can be converted to credit towards cloud software purchases.

Why work with VantagePoint?

Choosing VantagePoint means you are working with a certified SAP Software VAR and SAP Gold Partner. It also means you are supporting your investment with our 25+ years of experience working with SAP products.

VantagePoint's expert consultants have helped our clients achieve rapid and successful implementations of their SAP solutions, accelerating their time-to-value and boosting them into the age of enterprise intelligence. We are here for you; your success is our success.

Drive your technology investment’s value by working with an experienced VAR.

We’ll make it easier for your organization to benefit.