Helping build well-trained workforces that drive value


Better-trained employees mean better ROI on your tech investments​

It’s really no secret; educating your employees to understand, use, and administrate your planning applications is essential to get the maximum return on your technology investment.

This is why VantagePoint approaches training as a critical factor in the success of a product implementation rather than an afterthought. By fully customizing the training around your application, we ensure every user in your company has an opportunity to learn how to use your specific SAP system

Training Courses

Our Training Courses

VantagePoint formal training courses, on-site or remote, with each course customized for each client:


Introduction and Concepts:

30-min Pre-recorded Webinar


2-4 day instructor-led interactive class

Planning and Reporting User:

1-day instructor-led interactive class

Consolidations User:

1-day instructor-led interactive class

Report Developer:

3-day instructor-led interactive class

EPM Advanced Functions such as:

Business Process Flow, Security, Data Integration, and others.

Analytics Cloud:

Logic & Allocations

Advanced Visualization

Executive Strategic

Planning Workshop

How we deliver Training programs

Each of our Training programs is fully customized around your specific applications to ensure the maximum return of your technology investment.

We work with your team to create an ongoing training program for new users, to continue optimizing the value of your investment and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Why work with VantagePoint?

At VantagePoint, we consider training an integral part of the implementation process behind any of our solutions. Our Training program is effective because our consultants are experienced in SAP applications, financial platforms, and business optimization.​

Our experience spans more than 25 years of EPM knowledge with zero escalations to our name. If it’s depth-of-expertise you’re looking for, look no further.​

Turn your employees into experts.​

Improve your ROI through comprehensive, dedicated training delivered by experienced SAP consultants.​